Badami 07.02.11

Badami  07.02.11 I had never heard of Badami before and had simply come here on rumours and a whim. It … More

Hampi 05.02.11

Hampi 05.02.11 It’s was my last day there and to tell the truth my legs ached a little but I … More

Hampi 04.02.11

Hampi 04.02.11 It has been a day today when I pushed myself not to my limits but very nearly. It … More

Hampi 03.02.11

Hampi 03.02.11 I just got to Hampi village after a day out on the scooter, rode back along a little … More

Mysore 31.01.11

Mysore 31.01.11 I’d been checking out the Lonely Planet hotel recommendations and though this sounds strange it is at times … More

Trichy to Mysore

Trichy (Tiruchirapalli) to Mysore   30.01.11  I’d left the wild southern town of Trichy I’d really enjoyed it there, but there … More