The Vibration of Love

Dear Friends,

Mick loved writing; not just songs, but in his diary, journals, articles, books… He loved this blog here on WordPress so much. 

I have received many requests to share my speech which I read at his gatherings. The speech was different on every gathering and I read different paragraphs from Mick’s book on each occasion. The gatherings, and the speeches were magical because of those of you who were there with your heart beating for Mick and for me. Finally, I’ve decided to edit the speeches into one, and post here for you all.

If you haven’t discovered this blog yet, feel free to dig in and enjoy following Mick’s thoughts and hearing his beautiful, velvety voice, which touches the heart so deeply.

Keep in touch with him, with each other, and with me.

Love you all,


The Vibration of Love

We are all gathered here for Mick… We have all met his wonderful, creative, bright and sensitive, ever searching spirit. We are all connected because of him, we are all friends. He has shaped our lives and we have shaped his. His departure needs to be cherished and integrated into our continuous relationship with him and with each other.

When Mick’s brother, Stephen died, Mick wrote a speech for him. He said to me he won’t talk about him, but rather talk directly to him, and expect him to listen and hear from him.

Following his footsteps, these are my words for him….

Mick, My Beautiful Love, we are all here for you, here to share a moment together, tell heartwarming stories about you, hear your laugh with our inner ears, see your handsome, glowing face and tall, elegant and lean body and your ever curious smiling eyes with our inner eyes. We are all here for you, with all the Love in our hearts, looking into the future with you, looking for guidance from you from the other side.

You have written a book during the last year and a half. The book is based on your adventurous life, searching for deep understanding of the whole world behind human spirit. Of course, it all starts with your arrival into a wonderful Lancashire family. You have always taken the red bricks of Lancashire with you wherever you went. As you always said: You can take the boy out of Lancashire but you can’t take Lancashire out of the boy. Let me just mention here your ultimate love for northern English food: first of all pies, pasties, chips and of course peanut butter on toast. “Does good for your bones Michael” – your mum used to say. And funnily enough, you have said that many many times to everyone around us. If you could choose your last supper, it would be crunchy peanut butter on a wonderful sourdough toast and a huge jug of black coffee… and that is exactly what you had for your last meal on that Sunday morning.

Mick, you always said, Death  is a friend and not the end. Love is the active form of being present. All the rest is opinion and concept. Being in love is the eternal life. Death is not sad; the sad thing is that most people don’t ever really live at all. Well, you definitely have lived. During our lives we are all re-born many times. In your case, after your warm and much loved childhood as a young teenager you became a punk rocker, your imagination came into bloom, writing, painting, sewing, talking, meeting, dancing and of course, composing music. You gave so much to the punk movement, not just with your ultimate punk songs, but with your caring attitude towards everyone on that rather violent music scene. You are so loved, remembered and admired for it. When the punk scene and your bands were gone, you set your heart and soul on a journey of healing and travelling…lost yourself in America, found your spiritual native American tribe and you found the freedom of nature and the open road. You discovered Hands on Healing. 

On your return to England you trained and worked as a Spiritual Healer and you probably had the most fascinating job in the whole of London. You were the Head of Newspaper distribution in the midst of the free newspaper war on the streets of our Capital. But your inner call nudged you further, you travelled more and become the best Hypnotherapist with the true gift of listening and the art of helping others from your heart. That constant wish to help people took us on a journey as Healers on Wheels, we travelled the length and breadth of the country, and ended up in the open arms of the green, hilly Devon.

You have always been a punk rocker Micky. Life has changed around you, you have changed so much, but the very core of your existence never did.

On our last mystical walk together among the wonderful, ancient Dartmoor forest we looked through the leaves of the trees, enjoying how the sunshine was playing with them. You whispered to my ears…..I want to live here Ors.. A couple of moments later, admiring nature, lead by your curiosity, in total silence, you surrendered and disappeared from a lookout point called Lovers Leap. You had gone over while you were very much Alive, totally absorbed in nature and being in that magical Present Moment.

I love you so profoundly and deeply. I was re-born once we met on the Central Line tube train and fell in love. Now, I am re-born again, learning, changing perspective, getting strong to build a connection with you. I know you loved and lived by a quote from Albert Einstein: You can destroy Matter but cannot destroy Energy. I am looking into our re-connected future with a brave and open heart, with a leap of faith… My Lovers Leap after yours.

Although, I know curiosity, like yours, is the most powerful force on Earth. I do know that death is part of nature and in nature it is a transition period between one form of existence and another. Death is never the end in nature, so why should it be the end for humans? Life is a transition itself but at the moment, I only feel deep pain and sadness. And it’s not just me….we are all heartbroken and we all wish we would have had a chance to say goodbye, to have our last words, last laugh, last call, last hug, last pint, last kiss with you, just to be with you one more precious time. Please, help all of us to come to terms with your sudden departure…

You definitely made this Earth a better place; I am so proud of You. And so very proud to be Your Girl. I trust in Our Love. I Love You. You have touched so many peoples’ lives, giving out so much brightness and love.

One things for sure, you left behind the most amazing family and friends. Without them, I would be nowhere now… I can’t be grateful enough to All of you. Thank you so much for all your thoughts and heartbeats for Mick and for me.

Michael David Crudge, you live in our heart from the day we met you. We do love you.

You Are The Love of My Life – I am Yours

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  1. So beautiful Orsi. I am so thankful that you posted this as I am in America and wasn’t able to attend in person. You and Mick have been in my thoughts. I’m grateful for Mick’s presence in my life and for meeting you through him. Peace, love, and light, Lori


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