God is A Rhythm

I was with a dear friend we were having breakfast, the first coffee of the day is always a good time for clear mind. She’d said something like when she “returns to the earth” and it was like all the lights flickered and then flashed on; a series of connections came together.

Firstly the question was, well; where does a person go when you die? It has become obvious that we are something more than meets the eye; within or around us and so the question to me has became “what happens to that something”?Paradise Scarborough 14.06.16 copyI’d been quietly mulling the subject for some years, I’m not a scientist or a mathematician, though I don’t see why I have to be to tackle such a subject, I have my experience, but a lot of people out there want scientific laboratory proven proof so I’ve done my best to appease that and also let myself be free

I have worked as a Hands on Healer for over 20 years now. Healing in this respect, the transference of energy from one person to another or to another thing is something I call a human condition. I have never thought of it as a mystery nor have I ever dressed it up as anything its not. It’s a very practical thing, I have always searched for answers to the questions it has provoked I hope in very a practical down to earth sense in all the years of practice, down all those avenues and opportunities for exploration.

Once it was demonstrated by my friend and teacher Phil Pooke and by a fellow student at the SAGB in London, where I was a student,  that energy was physical and could be channeled, since then I have kept my eyes and ears open for the connections; energy sound and colour; frequency.

I witnessed some remarkable things as I earnestly studied and practiced and it all seemed so matter of fact, as that is how it was presented. Nobody can tell you categorically how it will be when you go over and any answers or questions have to come from your own study and enquiry, if of course you’re interested at all

I gravitate more and more to think that the body returns to the physical earth from where it came and that “something” returns into the conscious ocean of energy that surrounds us; from where it came.20191123_104616I have quietly listened, asked questions, paid attention over the years to people’s experiences, noting similarities, sorting and putting things together. I don’t want to write a long list of anecdotal stories here, I’m just trying express what I suspect and am coming to understand; that your experience will continue to exist in the ‘conscious’ energy that is all around us that we exist in; right now as you read this.

Energy flows through the vehicle we move through and experience this life with, the body contains that something by our personal physical gravity

If Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla were right, everything is energy, matter is just denser energy, energy is registered as frequency and frequency is a rhythm, the suggestion is that in the rhythms there is information, ideas knowledge and…. intelligence

Nikola Tesla “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

The Swiss Doctor Hans Jenny also demonstrated positive proof of the power of sound waves and frequency upon matter to create form. Many consider his work to be the seminal most important demonstration of the ability of sound to shape substance.

He said “The more one studies these things the more one realizes that sound is the creative principle”

You can see these shapes patterns and similarities expressed over and over again in nature, from seashells to unfolding ferns, spines on a cactus, scales on a pineapple the seeds in a sunflower, its called the fibonacci sequence. From there the similarities of the nervous and circularity systems and the structure of trees when stripped of their foliage, the leafs themselves and the way rivers run across the land, it goes on, vibration expressed as and in matter. So why not the human body and all it contains?fibonacci 2

An Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci from Pisa gave the Fibonacci sequence to the west in around 1202 AD in his book Libre Abaci. He’d studied older Hindu-Arabic and Greek mathematicians and gave it the nameFiobonicci SpiralThe sequence reflects patterns of growth spirals found throughout nature, it’s a natural phenomenon illuminating the underlying geometry in the evolution of living things. The sequence starts off 0,1 and every subsequent number is the sum of the two previous numbers. 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, and on; to my mind, matter expressing frequency

galaxy 1There are also many animals that hear sounds we cannot see, others colours we cannot perceive, but just because we cannot hear or see them doesn’t mean they are not there

And so onto another question; is everything mind?

Meta-physical higher frequencies are where all great art, music, scientific discovery come from, focus and intention are fundamental to discovery of course, the instinct, the hint, the struggle, but many great discoveries have it seems arrived when the searcher relaxed after periods of attention and concentration; it has been said many times;

“Then the idea arrived”

I suggest these ideas were always there in the energy, they were discovered just as, to be metaphorical, America was and just as we now know America was always there and the earth was always round

If everything is energy and everything has frequency

could it be said that something is being expressed, is it possible the rhythm is communicating?

God is in the rhythm and is the rhythm and we are part of that rhythm and part of the great mind, easy right?

Is it possible that the sages of old were trying to portray an idea, lay down some marker stones for those to come later, simply some guidance, that dimer lights couldn’t fathom and so introduced beards and fire and all those thou shalt not’s restricting humanities curiosity creating deep anxieties and mistrust of ourselves. There are laws; for instance “cause and effect” but it is for each person to come to realize what that means and the freedom to be found in responsibilityIMG_20160621_221259This is truly is evolution and anything set in stone is just a stepping-stone

Some may think of all this as obvious and others may wonder what the hell I’m going on about, but thanks for staying with me, so…

Moving onto a lighter note, what about Clairvoyance Clairaudience and psychic gifts? They are in this sense simply the natural abilities of some people who are able to see hear and interpret energies, it’s not something out of this world but very much of this world. These abilities and gifts are in fact a human condition.sir-arthur-conan-doyle copyIt seems quite mechanical to me. From an early age it seemed to me that there was spirit all around us, I didn’t have the vocabulary to express it then and am a little uncomfortable with the word spirit, but spirit is energy, it is of the energy and it is to be found in these rhythms all around us.

A psychic reader does not read your mind they read your energy, your memories thoughts and experiences are all around you; your energy with all your experience will return to the great conscious ocean that surrounds and flows through you.

A clairvoyant can see the energy or the spirit within that frequency that is communicating that’s all.

Which leads onto where is heaven? Is there a heaven? Heaven is a word used to comfort or to describe an idea or concept that we will survive in some form in some place after we die. In this regard it is non-religious. We will return to the earth not just as matter, ash dust and the liquids of our physical bodies, but our energy too; heaven is all around us, heaven is earthly.Above the cloudsAnd so what about this so-called healing energy? It’s really quite easy to demonstrate to anybody sat in front of you by simply holding your hand out next to theirs. Sometimes it takes a little time but many times a person has quickly withdrawn their hand saying;

“That’s really weird…!!”

I always answer, “No, it’s physical, you felt it that’s all”

The aura really does exist anybody can feel it and some say proven by kerlian photography, colour is frequency and so is sound.

And I’ll say again here “It is a human condition to channel these energies”

It’s where my interested was stimulated so I’m mentioning it here and push that thin edge of the wedge a little more. The job of the healer is to become still, to relax and hold stillness consciously and mentally, to be the channel, lift themselves and so attract and allow higher frequencies to flow and to come into play. Does that make sense?


When channeling energy for the purpose of healing a person is only able to channel frequencies that they are able to bear, higher and they would pass out which I have seen happen; lower and perhaps they would become sick.

The title ‘Healer’ is also something I have always been a little uncomfortable with as it is the person receiving, their body that has the power to heal. A higher frequency entering that space can trigger the body to respond, rather like jump-starting a vehicle. Sometimes it does the job and other times you make it down the road but more attention is needed.

EnergyYou are responsible for your own vehicle, there is unlimited power in your subconscious, your body knows given the correct instruction or impetus, what to do, but at the end of the day only you can be your liberator.

Have a listen to Candice Pert the author of Physics of emotion

“Your Mind is in every cell of your body”

I studied many years ago with a chap called Dr Sir Peter Manners in Bretforton England. He’d taken Hans Jenny’s work with Cymatics and developed a therapy he called or Bio-resonance.


Sir Peter said “We are made of energy. If we transmit a healthy frequency into diseased tissue, we cause it to take on the frequency — and thus, the actuality — of healthy tissue”

When certain frequencies are reintroduced the body or the part of the body is balanced again, illnesses that have manifested in the body simply can’t exist; illness is a lowering of the bodies natural frequency and over time, lower frequency manifest as illness; the implications are profound

“Energy first matter second”

Of course it is then a matter of maintaining this healthy frequency with how we live our lives and how we think our lives and the environment we live our lives in.

Wilheim Reich revealed this energy, this life force for us in the west, it might be better to say named it for us, Orgone Energy. It has been called Prana and Chi in the east for many thousands of years. It is physical, you can see it outside your front door on a clear day or a grey day by simply looking up at the sky, it’s just a matter of knowing what you’re looking at

So is there is a certain energy a life force or frequency around planet earth, not just the atmosphere but of the atmosphere, interconnected with the atmosphere that contains the planet and is from of the planet? I think there is; and is it conscious? I’d have to say yes, there is consciousness or intelligence contained within it and is communicating with us all the time.

So back up to the surface, deep breath and back to the Oystercatcher café with Sheila and my lights going on and what I really want to say.

Is it possible that our evolution is directly linked to our planet?

Perhaps its not we as individuals that will reach the heady heights of Goodness or Godness perhaps our responsibility as human beings is to raise our personal frequency, our vibration and there are many ways of doing this, most practically with different breathing techniques and meditation but also as we have discussed above with our thoughts our minds and with the way we live our lives.

So if its Sunday mornings in the pew, or five times a day on the mat, walks around the stupa, ribbons around the mother tree, milk on the alter, or the sweat and sage on those hot rocks that help you, go to it.20171031_102132

When all said and done is it possible that our personal frequencies and expression affect the ocean around our planet, that our collective personal experience will affect evolution? Does that sound a little far out? Seems quite matter of fact to me

The planet itself is directly responsible for our evolution and we directly responsible for this planet’s.

The higher the frequency the more complex the forms as demonstrated by Jenny, right? I’ve always thought the bible and science both have a point, homo sapiens appeared when the conditions were right, when the planet evolved a certain frequency that enabled human beings to come into being, physically and mentally expressing that frequency and all the life forms we can perceive.

Leaving the Garden of Eden is a metaphor for when we became self-conscious, became aware, not all that nonsense about being ashamed of our nakedness. We became aware of our thoughts. We became conscious about how we feel and what we feel, becoming aware of what free will and responsibility really mean.

Could the next evolutionary step be that we are able to perceive higher frequencies, and so our understanding increased our insights deepened? I believe it’s happening right now.

When seers and prophets of old said you are all brothers and sisters, perhaps they weren’t being idealistic, perhaps they were talking very practically, that everybody and everything is connected, that everything is related, that we are all made of the same stuff and from that same something. Perhaps they were talking about it in their terms, in their language, from their time and culture for example the Great Oglala Sioux Seer Black Elk said


“Every little thing sings and dances” and “All things are relatives what we do to everything we do to ourselves”

If seen from this perspective he is not some dusty mysterious mystic, from this point of view; he is absolutely right.

Perhaps our job, our purpose is evolution and in the great scheme of things we are all supporting actors, that simple healthy conscious thoughts and actions are, the very thing that matters.

Everywhere I look people seem hungry for that missing something, trying to make sense, trying find a name for it, trying to put a finger on that pulse.

As the dogma turns to dust there is it seems an anxiety as we look for new signposts. Are we witnessing the birth pains of discovery, hints and the instinct to rise, are we responding to a frequency, taking some getting used to? Change is always challenging, when one leg is slowly lifted, there is always a little uncertainty, unless of course you’ve practiced and there is the point

Maybe it’s simply that intention matters to energy and so to matter and the vibration of who we are and where we come from, belong too and in fact where we are going

Once something is understood it of course leads onto other revelations and understandings, as it has done as I’ve tried to write this, it is the nature of the universe and the nature of energy and all it contains and so; inwards onward and upwards we go.Non Omnis Morivar

Non Omnis Moriar – Not Everything Dies


  1. Mick, A good reminder that we are energy and all are connected. We can heal the planet and ourselves collectively because of this. I appreciate the reminder. (This was a general recreation of what I had written previously but lost.)


  2. I love this Mick…. so articulate and yes I agree with your sentiment. We are indeed all interconnected with each other, the planet and wider universe (es). I too believe that what we do to ourselves affects others. How can it not be so, there is no break in the energetic thread and energy doesn’t go anywhere. So that rhythm that you talk of is constantly flowing and ebbing and always moving. It’s exciting to ponder, life and beyond is exciting to ponder. Thank you for your ponderings and thought-provoking piece.


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