All Appologies 18.04.11

Im sorry if i haven’t posted anything for a few weeks, but there was only one internet connection i found whilst i was up in Tibet and i wasn’t able to post from there also it seems there is a big brother blanket ban on certain sights, so i have had to wait until i returned to Kathmandu Nepal.

I have written such a lot and didn’t want to overwhelm with it all so have posted 4 from the time spent at Chimpu Hermitage/Monastery, it’s plenty to be going on with and i will post more of them when i have the chance to re read and edit them. please excuse any spelling or grammer mistakes or perhaps where i have repeted myself as i just haven’t got the time to do a thorough job as i leave for India in about an hour.

I have some photographs to upload but for some reason for now picsaweb won’t let me upload them. I don’t know why, but i’ll keep trying

Lots of love to you all



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