Its been quite a while since i’ve added anything to my word press. I have missed writing very much. So i am back in the US travelling across from California (Santa Cruz) to New Mexico (Santa fe) I have 9 weeks to roam, to dream, to meet, to Drive to walk and maybe even swim. What ever comes. Here goes warming up the ink again. I have missed the muse and i have felt her tugging at me for some time now.


  1. It was wonderful to see you at the diner, you are a very interesting chap, will enjoy reading your blog as in evolves! Stay cool.


    1. Hi Jeff, good to hear from you. I may be there later for a last jug of coffee. then i’ll be heading south. Was good to meet you too. It was a very interesting conversation. Cheers.Mick


    1. Hi Chris. Unfortunately we’ll not make it this year, We were offered work at a Yoga Retreat in Southern France for 4 weeks and after much genuine soul searching we decided that we’d be silly to turn it down as ultimately running retreats is what we want to do. We leave this Monday and are back in the UK on 22nd of August. We’ll be at Rebellion next year or if your ever in Devon come see us in Teignmouth. Thanks for asking. All the very best. Mick


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